Barcamp Southampton

A technology "unconference" in the heart of the South Coast

A what?


Barcamp is a user-generated conference, where all the content is provided by the attendees. People like you!



Our next event is right around the corner, coming your way on October 6th 2018

We're still figuring out the details of our next event, so, TBA!



Our excellent venue is Central Hall, one of Southampton's premier locations

Barcamp Southampton in 3 easy steps…

We hand the power of the conference over to our audience, and see what they come up with. That's it. Nobody, not even us, knows what the talks will be... Our primary focus is on technology and digital industries, but all talks are welcome. So whether you want to share your latest code snippets, or just rant about your favourite cheese, you have a home at Barcamp Southampton.


Powered by the people

All the speakers will be attendees, and regular people just like you! In fact, every attendee is encouraged to participate in some way. You could run a session, give a presentation, or help with someone elses, for example. Got a great idea for a talk? Or just something you want to get off your chest? This is your chance.


Structure, but not as you know it

We collaboratively build a schedule in the morning, with willing volunteers selecting time slots in the available rooms. We ensure the venue has the necessary power and presentation equipment, so all you have to do is turn up and be awesome. Basically, there is a plan. Trust us, we've done this before!


For good (not evil)

We don't run this for profit, we do it because it gives us a warm glowy feeling inside. And because it's fun. Actually, mostly because it's fun. To that end, Barcamp Southampton is totally free to attend. By the community, for the community. There's no hidden agenda.

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